About Us

Welcome to Windfall Farm – a small family farm in the Wildwood neighborhood of Powell River.

We believe in:

  • Great food! We love to cook and to eat!  We grow garlic and team it up with our own chicken, pork, beef and turkey – fabulous!
  • Happy, healthy animals. We are committed to high standards of animal welfare and ensure the animals on the farm receive the care and living conditions they deserve.

 Happy animals = healthy food.

  • Sustainable agriculture. We believe we have a responsibility to protect and enhance the diverse environment of our land. Since 2006 Windfall Farm has been Certified Organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS) #16-290.
  • Connecting people with their food. By inviting people to the farm to experience small scale, sustainable farming – we help people build positive, health sustaining relationships with their food.
  • Local food production. We work to strengthen the food systems in our community to increase amount of locally grown products available. Our farm produces turkey, chicken, pork, beef & garlic for sale in our community.

Windfall Farm is licensed to operate as a Class D Rural Slaughter Establishment – #L400009.